How to Speed up Your Sales Cycle Using Causal Economics

The standard in sales and marketing today is to relentlessly communicate benefits of our solutions. Barriers to implementation get very little attention during the buying process.  It’s a natural situation, because bringing up costs and problems creates tough discussions. This can slow things down, right? Bringing up things that are negative.

It’s actually not true. The act of not bringing them up and dealing with them is what truly slows things down. Buyers know that solutions involve cost and benefit. When you highlight benefits and not costs, both financial, effort and timelines, you lose credibility and force more work on your buyer, who has to build this out on their own.

In addition, if you convey a more realistic B/C ratio, you set your standard of credibility way ahead of competitors. That gets you more trust and trust is critical in moving from stage to stage in the buying cycle.

Being realistic and transparent is what moves the buying process along as fast as possible. Traditional thinking about buying behavior forces into the one-sided mindset of conveying an unrealistically high B/C ratio. Causal Economics thinking shows us that it is critical to convey a realistic and likely smaller B/C ratio.

Give it a try and see if your sales cycle speeds up. We’re confident it will. Let us know!


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