Taxpayer Collective Bargaining—Worth Considering?

By Andrew Horton, April 2024 Here we’re introducing for the first time, an innovative concept for discussion, called Taxpayer Collective Bargaining (TCB). It just may be an approach that achieves win/win outcomes for taxpayers and society-at-large. The intent of TCB is to achieve win/win results based on strong theory and applied results, separate from political

Economics for MARS

It’s exciting times that we are on the brink of putting people on Mars. No doubt a technical feat for the history books! But history will also judge the extent to which this is a social success or disaster. It would be tragic to see societal failure take away from the sheer scientific achievement of

Economics for Political Moderates… Causal Economics

It’s hard to find anyone today that doesn’t think the political environment in the West is extremely polarized on ideological grounds. Healthy disagreement is a fundamental democratic freedom, but today there’s a big problem. With a proliferation of media, the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ sides of the political spectrum are usually talking to themselves in

Why Universal Basic Income is Universally Wrong—New Insights from Causal Economics

In the unprecedented environment of the COVID-19 pandemic the income and livelihood of many organizations has been decimated. As a result, there’s been a massive surge in support programs administered through the government. Within all of the chaos, the concept of Universal Basic Income has gained some traction on both the left and right sides

What’s the Biggest Difference Between Behavioral Economics and Causal Economics in Marketing?

Behavioral Economics provides a set of powerful and specific types of irrationality that marketers should consider each time they consider customer/prospect engagement. Other articles here lay out many examples. We highly recommend that a BE audit (BEMA) be conducted around each and every communication, to ensure that all relevant insights of BE are leveraged. We

Dangerous Nudges

Nudging is all the rage. Many countries now even have their own nudging units. Nudging can potentially play a role in good policy toward desirable ends, given our innate irrationality. However it is vital that people still have the freedom to make irrational decisions. Unfortunately, amid all the buzz, nudging is out of the gate