Causal Economics is Kind of An Academic Version of Tony Robbins….

If you are one of the few business people, let alone marketers, who hasn’t feverishly digested the work of Anthony Robbins, then we recommend that you get on it.

Tony is still the master of applied behavior and decision making in business. It occured to us that in many ways, Causal Economics is an academic formalization of many of the concepts Tony Robbins shared with us. He demonstrates that people act on their perceptions of pain and pleasure (like cost and benefit). What matters most for marketers and business people is Tony’s work on what drives change and action from inertia. He educates us pain thresholds and conditioning assocations.  The former idea is fundamental in the personal cost/benefit trade-off constraint and the person cost maximum curve in Causal Economics.

It’s refreshing that our theory aligns to the work of the absolute guru of applied psychology. Too bad previous theories of economics don’t line up. We’re excited about the future ahead for Causal Economics (and the work of Tony Robbins) in helping people and businesses make better decisions that advance the prospects of everyone.

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