Is Your Value Prop BS? Many Are …

Too often, sales and marketing teams are transaction focused. Since they are usually recognized and compensated for short-term results, it’s no wonder. But, in such an environment, a distorted value proposition is presented to prospective customers. Communications highlight extensive benefits and few if any costs. The result is a lack of credibility that tarnishes the brand and the downstream elements of the customer journey.

Causal Economics drives home the importance of a long-term perspective in customer relationships in nurture marketing programs. The matching of B (benefits) and C (costs) reminds us how critical it is to be uprfont with both of these. Change always has costs. When a seller is clear about necessary change and the role they will take in making it as easy as possible, the build genuine trust. As marketers, we’re very used to pumping up the B. Causal Economics reminds us to not deflate the C. If we have a solid value proposition, we should still have a very strong Causal Coefficient (X >1).

Being more transparent on C upfront builds trust, which is a key part of increasing conversion to the next stage of the funnel. Remember, if you don’t help them cut through all the BS out there, they are still going to do it, and they won’t look favorably on any selling making them do it on their own.

Keep in mind that buyers know that solution implementation is never easy, not does it go as expected. Don’t act like all is smooth sailing, or you’ll see potential buyers stall out early in the customer journey.

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